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Léon, P, Cancel Tassin, G, Sighar, K, Compérat, E, Gaffory, C, Ondet, V, Hugonin, S, Audouin, M, Doizi, S, Traxer, O, Ciofu, C, Rouprêt, M, Lacave, R, Cussenot, O.

Correlation of genetic and cytogenetic alterations in pathological aggressiveness urothelial carcinoma of the bladder: Performance of BCA-1, a mini-array comparative genomic hybridisation-based test.


Cussenot, O, Sighar, K, Mohammed, M, Hugonin, S, Ondet, V, Larre, S, Lacave, R, Roupret, M, Cancel-Tassin, G.​

Detection of specific chromosomal aberrations in urine using BCA-1 (oligo-CGH-array) enhances diagnostic sensitivity and predicts the aggressiveness of non-muscle-invasive bladder transitional cell carcinoma.


Larré, S, Camparo, P, Comperat, E, Gil Diez De Medina, S, Traxer, O, Roupret, M, Sebe, P, Cancel-Tassin, G, Sighar, K, Lozach, F, Cussenot, O.


Lunelli, L, Léon, P. Cancel Tassin, G, Sighar, K, Compérat, E, Hugonin, S, Audouin, M, Lacave, R. Cussenot, O.

Targeted Copy Number Variations Profiling of Non Muscle Invasive Bladder Urothelial Carcinoma Using BCA-1 Test on Urines Predicts High Grade Tumors

Diagnostic, staging, and grading of urothelial carcinomas from urine: performance of BCA-1, a mini-array comparative genomic hybridisation-based test.

A new study of more than 500 patients has been completed and results are to be published very shortly​