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ArrayGenomics first steps were made in 2003. Through strategic partnerships and R&D collaborations with European and US scientific and clinical leaders in the field of urological cancers, the company has developed new molecular diagnostic tests for the early detection of cancer.

The company's proprietary oligonucleotide array for the staging and grading of bladder cancer from urine samples, is being prepared for introduction into leading European and US laboratories. ArrayGenomics Ltd has been contracted to commercialise the technology and the patents.

New molecular diagnostic tests for kidney and prostate cancers are under development and will be made available.

Our History 

Since 2003 we  have worked with leading clinicians, hospitals and urological professionals in France, the United Kingdom and the United States to change the way cancers are detected so that we can start providing better care to patients. 

Our objective is to change the way cancers are detected today to bring better care for patients tomorrow.

Our Technology 

ArrayGenomics offers a robust, highly sensitive, non-invasive, molecular diagnostic test using CGH technology. This test which uses urine samples has been shown to have a sensitivity level of 95%. For this reason we believe it will be of interest to clinicians around the world.

The Bladder Cancer Array test (“BCA”™) has been developed and tested at leading labs in Europe and in the USA. 

Tests for the detection of prostate and kidney cancers are in development.

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